What We Do

Link-X was developed to offer comprehensive fleet management.

No one knows your business better than you. You know the pain points, the opportunities and gaps. But too often you get bogged down in the minutia of managing the fleet and not leading the business. This is what we do – we help you refocus on what matters and give you the time to do it.


Reduced Onboarding


Increased Efficiency


Actionable Insights

Take back your time / business. Spend resources where they are needed and most beneficial to the business success. 

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Innovation that flows

Automation and consolidation

We don’t replace but rather compliments your GPS, telematics etc. We maximize the benefits of all your other systems by bringing the data together.
Provide insights and reporting — data is only helpful if it is actionableWe give you the tools you need to better and more intelligently manage your fleet and driversStreamline processes that take hours and or man power. Give you back time and people to solve problems that are unique to your business.
We will tell you what matters, where to look, where to focus to achieve baseline competence. We have solved the industry standard issues. We bring industry experience and know how to help you stay compliant and operating at the highest levels.

Intuitive user interface

Link-X is proud to provide a full suite fleet management solution in a single easy to use software platform that has been designed from the ground up with our customers in mind.

Fanatical customer support

From the initial onboarding throughout your entire relationship, the Link-X team prides itself on a high level of customer support and outreach. We understand the important role our software plays in managing your fleet and take that very seriously. If you ever have questions, comments or suggestions we are always here to listen.